TV’s Rob McElhenney to Launch NFT-Powered Writer’s Room

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Have you ever whiled away the summer evenings dreaming up elaborate stories populated by fantastical characters? Then fantasized about bringing those creations to life through the enduring facet of media entertainment? If the answer is yes, then TV’s Rob McElhenney may have the answer!

Under the banner of entertainment tech company ‘Adim,’ Rob and co aim to nurture the next generation of storytellers by hosting a series of ‘writers rooms’ to co-collaborate and develop the IPs for a pantheon of imaginative personalities. The ultimate aim is to build out an epic community of creative minds called the ‘Adimverse’.

Come do something weird with us at ⁦

— Rob McElhenney (@RMcElhenney) June 7, 2022

Following each writer’s room, Adim will bestow all present with their own NFT representing the characters they helped create. Once in possession, those holding the NFTs will own the rights to a share in royalties and revenue generated from those ideas.

All NFTs granted via the project will remain eternally soul-bound meaning that their distribution will occur purely at the discretion of Adim, and that afterwards they will not be transferrable between wallets. However, members will receive the NFTs free of charge and be responsible for no payments other than gas.

To get in on the action, interested parties must complete the submission form via the project website, and register their interest before June 24 to guarantee consideration for the first 100 members accepted into the program. As a result, Adim will announce lucky candidates in early July, beginning its first writer’s room shortly afterwards.

Learn more and apply >> Here


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