Trust Wallet Adds Support for Polygon NFTs – NFT Plazas

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Major cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has announced that is has added support for digital collectibles that are minted and hosted on Polygon, the layer 2 decentralized scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. 

The addition now means that when users connect their Trust Wallet to NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, WAX, or Rarible, they will be able to store, buy, and sell Polygon NFTs directly from their Trust Wallet accounts. As with the premise of the Trust Wallet DEX, these assets will be kept alongside other assets from other blockchains, meaning users can manage all of their tokens from within one platform, as opposed to spreading them out across different crypto exchanges. 

Trust Wallet’s distinct function of allowing users to buy, swap and stake virtual assets directly on the app will also apply to Polygon-based NFTs. In addition to the benefits that the integration will grant to the Trust Wallet platform and its users, the Polygon NFT ecosystem as a whole is expected to prosper from it too.

This is essentially through the concept of ‘network effects,’ wherein because of the new addition of Polygon NFTs onto the Trust Wallet platform, the blockchain’s overall popularity, development, and advancement are also expected to receive some level of growth.


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