TRU and MTV Join Forces in Decentraland – NFT Plazas

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True pioneers of the Decentraland Metaverse, The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRU), have partnered with the legendary MTV network for Mental Health Action Day on May 18. As a result, bringing a grand 24-hour concert filled to the brim with wide array of musical talent to the virtual realm.

The epic event will kick off on the stroke of midnight (ET) on May 18, at the TRU BandRoom Festival Stage in Decentraland’s Genesis Plaza. During which, a plethora of bands, rappers and DJs will perform live within the epic Metaverse location, with the likes of Lil Bitcoin, Stoney Eye, DJ T-RAX, Jack Frost and many more all lighting up the star-studded jamboree.

During the festival, music fans can jump in and out at their leisure, with the organizers dropping SHOAP attendance protocol tokens every hour. Essentially, ensuring that attendees can stick to the theme of the concert and take care of their own mental health instead of staying awake for the full 24 hours.

Check the festival Schedule >> Here

TRU and MTV Promote Mental Health Action in Decentraland

The Decentraland concert arrives to celebrate and bring attention to the third annual Mental Health Action Day. A tremendous initiative that aims to bring light to mental health issues and encourage all those affected to take action. As a result, bringing a whole community of music lovers together to improve the lives of everyone involved.

In a mesmerizing initiative, TRU has partnered with the heavyweight of music television, MTV, to make the concert a reality. Essentially, leveraging its star power to secure some of the greatest talents in the music industry. Therefore, allowing Metaverse dwelling music types to witness 24 hours of top-quality live music from the comfort of the virtual realm!

Jump into the TRU BandRoom Festival Stage >> Here

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