Tripp purchased EvolVR to expand its metaverse community

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Tripp, a California-based “XR wellness and digital psychedelia platform,” is expanding its reach with the acquisition of EvolVR, the world’s largest VR meditation community. It’s following the purchase of PsyAssist, a smartphone app used by users to monitor their psychedelic experiences, last year. The site claims to be the first VR meditation community, with over 40,000 users experiencing the benefits of meditation through headsets.

The acquisition comes after the business stated it was developing an alternative reality (AR) experience as a launch partner for Pokémon GO creator Niantic’s new toolkit, Niantic Lightship.

EvolVR started by a Unitarian Universalist minister and meditation instructor. The platform claims to be the first live meditation community in VR. With over 40,000 people donning VR masks to tap into the wonders of meditation.

Tripp claims to have provided over 3.5 million wellness sessions. Which are mixing “meditation techniques, flow-inducing games, binaural audio, and breathing exercises” to inspire wonder while changing how players feel. The sessions are to help individuals relax and tune in. “However, they can also assist people go on psychedelic adventures”.

“Acquiring community-focused organizations can be a terrific way to expand your audience”. “But not all communities like being bought, especially if the buyer botches the transition time”.

According to Nanea Reeves, Tripp’s CEO and founder; “It’s less about psychedelics and more about the experience of VR. When I had an early development kit for the Oculus, whenever someone had a VR experience, they would remove the headset and exclaim, ‘Wow, that was a trip!’ There’s something special about having a present reality and being aware of it – and then also having an alternate reality. Obviously, you can have that experience with narcotics as well, but VR has that mechanism built in. That’s where the name came from “Nanea Reeves reveals.


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