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Forthcoming blockchain based gaming experience, Treeverse, has hit the new year running with an exciting pre-alpha launch. Therefore, giving select users a first chance to experience the MMORPG in all its stylized glory.

The move comes after game developer, Endless Clouds, had promised in June to drop an alpha release by the end of the year. True to form, the team worked around the clock to meet this self-imposed deadline and make their vision a reality. As a result, dropping a great new look at its “top-down open-world classless MMORPG built for mobile with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay.”

A Quick Rundown of the Gameplay

Within Treeverse players can explore the mythical realm of Arboros in order to complete quests and level up their in game characters. Essentially, embarking on an epic journey, gamers will face off and fight against a wide range of formidable foes. While additionally, building out a custom homestead where they can gather resources, forge weapons and trade with fellow players.

@TheTreeverse, an open-world MMORPG, has launched its pre-alpha gameplay.

Here’s what you need to know:

— CryptoPlayerOne (@CryptoXxplorer) January 2, 2023

Following the full release, Treeverse will offer free-to-play gaming for RPG fans the world over. However, those looking to get a little more out of the game can get their hands on some juicy NFTs to increase the engagement factor. As such, a collection of 420 NFTrees will bear fruit which will provide utility in the game, 10,420 land plots will allow gamers to build a homestead, and 9,421 Timeless NFTs will provide unique gaming avatars.

Despite the inclusion of an NFT element into the game, when it comes to doing battle and completing quests, both free-to-play gamers and NFTs owners will face a level playing field. For now, the lucky few can enjoy the pre-alpha phase of the game which will last for around 1-2 weeks.

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