Travel the Metaverse in Style with Decentraland’s ‘Linked Wearables’ Feature

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In an incredible display of interoperability, Decentraland has launched an exciting new ‘Linked Wearables’ feature which allows users to import their third party non-fungible apparel into the Decentraland universe.

One of the many challenges facing the metaverse comes in as the requirement to seamlessly travel between different worlds, all the while, maintaining possession of those highly coveted virtual belongings. Now, this dream moves ever forward as Decentraland introduces an innovative new feature allowing these items to cross dimensions.

. @cryptovoxels wearables can be integrated with @decentraland right now (maybe not all, but most):

– Coding a script to convert Voxels wearables to DCL wearables and check DCL compatibility
– Using Linked Wearables to make them available on DCL

— eibriel.eth 🌵 (@EibrielBot) May 30, 2022

In the fine spirit of world building, Decentraland will offer this service free of charge, choosing to absorb the costs into the DAO. The goal is to strengthen the overall metaverse community and open up a world of interconnected metaverse opportunities for folks far and wide.

In order to participate, creators must first seek approval from the Decentraland DAO by completing a DAO proposal and running through the ‘Linked Wearables Registry’ option. Then, upon acceptance, they can map their external NFTs to Decentraland. Once up and running, these newly integrated wearables will behave just like any other personal adornments. However, they will remain untradable through the Decentraland marketplace.

Find out how it all works >> Here


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