Tony Hawk Cements His Legacy with Epic Skatepark in the Sandbox

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Towering god of the skateboarding world, Tony Hawk, has embarked on an ambitious collaboration with The Sandbox. He has joined forces with the mighty metaverse and celebrity-endorsed NFT platform, Autograph, to build the biggest virtual skatepark the world has ever seen.

Through their mighty project, the expert team will develop a massive 6×6 plot of LAND, turning it into a fully functional and highly competitive skateboarding arena where players can compete in a number of events and challenges to earn spectacular blockchain-based prizes. This promises to be one of the most exciting and fun-filled experiences launched in The Sandbox to date.

Accompanying this goliath venue, Autograph will provide a range of exceptional non-fungible goodies, starting off by supplying Autograph NFT holders with Voxel equivalents of their Tony Hawk avatars while also dropping a wave of Tony Hawk paraphernalia such as skateboards, clothing and accessories.

In addition, word on the street has it that fans can also import skatepark components into The Sandbox game maker. They can then proceed to build out their very own skateboarding-themed experiences and share them with friends.

So, if the promo video is to be believed, The Sandbox is in for a wild ride!

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