Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory NFT Holders Receive Free Nike Trainers

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With Nike preparing to launch a new general purpose NikeCraft trainer designed by contemporary New York-based artist Tom Sachs, holders of specific digital assets from the designer’s Rocket Factory NFT collection will be eligible to receive a free pair.

The Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory NFT collection is a compilation of hand-drawn rockets, where each asset features branding from a well-known company of pop-culture influence, whether that be Chanel, Snickers, or 7/11. As you probably guessed, one of the brands featured on the collection’s rockets is Nike.

With Sachs designing both the upcoming NikeCraft trainers and Nike-branded cartoon rocket NFTs, the sporting powerhouse will be issuing free trainers to all of those who hold an assembled Rocket NFT containing a NikeCraft branded component. According to OpenSea, there are 39 of these assets in existence, meaning there will be 39 pairs of NikeCraft trainers to be received free of charge. 

On June 10th, holders of the NFTs, who are also dubbed members of the ‘NikeCraft Crew,’ will have 24 hours to redeem their free pair, which they can do by linking their wallet on the Rocket Factory website, where they will then be asked to enter their shoe size and shipping information.

Those who are not part of the exclusive NikeCraft Crew will still have a chance to purchase a pair via the NikeCraft website on June 10th, however they will not be guaranteed a pair of the limited-edition shoes, nor will they receive them for free (with the retail price being $109.99).


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