Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory Joins with Monaverse – NFT Plazas

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On February 24, 2023, legendary NFT collection, ‘Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory‘ and the Monaverse, will debut their new ‘Final Frontier’ collaboration at NFT Paris. A brand new space-themed Metaverse backed with a wonderful array of non-fungible tokens. 

ATTN TSRF – Visit the Rocket Factory: Indoctrination Center at @nft_paris for an immersive IRL minting experience built with @monaverse and @NFTStudios_io . Visitors will be issued official trans-dimensional ID Badges with special access to mint TSRF: Final Frontier 3D spaces.

— Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory (@tsrocketfactory) February 9, 2023

Details About Final Frontier

One of the notable things about this project is that it features concepts from past collections and draws heavily on the themes of space exploration. Many of the images released so far show other planets and even space stations. Needless to say, Mona and Sachs are trying to give fans as immersive of an experience as possible. 

Attendees will be given NFC-chipped Identification Cards that will allow them to access 3D creation tools, world-building opportunities, and get a front-row seat to Sach’s world. As impressive as all of this is, it also harkens back to some of Sach’s previous work, specifically the Rocket and Mars Rock NFT collections

These also featured themes of space exploration and saw individual scenes and stages of otherworldly planets and spaceships. Now, these are being brought together to give the public an experience that blurs the physical and the digital.

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