Tom Brady’s Autograph Platform Heads to the Indy500 with Team Penske

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Tom Brady NFT vehicle, Autograph, has inked a new deal with American motor racing giant, Penske Entertainment, paving the way for a range of non-fungible tokens based on its intellectual property.

The first NFTs will debut at the Indy500 race on May 29 in a cloud of exhaust smoke and gasoline fumes. Each NFT will represent exclusive content from their rich portfolio of racing teams, as well as images from the team’s expansive vault of historical archives.

The move signals an entry into the non-fungible token market for racing competitions across the USA. In addition to the IndyCar series, Penske also has interests in the NASCAR cup, Xfinity series and endurance racing. As a consequence, the team is expected to roll out NFTs across the board.

.@IndyCar/@IMS/@Team_Penske today are announcing a new NFT deal with @Autograph that starts with next month’s Indy 500 and involves digital collectibles around past+present races/drivers/Indy 500 tickets/archives.

🔳 Autograph, co-founded by Tom Brady, also works with @DaleJr.

— Adam Stern (@A_S12) April 12, 2022

Over the last 12 months, Autograph has made significant inroads with its unique NFT platform. Utilizing its wealth of contacts within the sporting and entertainment industries to partner with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Now, as it branches out into the realm of the petrol-head, it will diversify its platform further to reach a wider audience and take its operations up to another level.

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