Tom Brady Launches Utility-Packed NFTs through Autograph

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Joining an ever-growing list of athletes who are releasing NFTs, American football star Tom Brady has unveiled his own NFT collection, launched on Autograph. Dubbed the Signature Experiences NFT line, these NFTs come with an array of benefits, including the chance to meet the NFL legend in person. 

Brady in the Metaverse

The collection consists of 2,500 NFTs that fans can buy from September 8, 2022. Called ‘season tickets’, these NFTs will change over the next football season and will reflect Brady’s performance. 

They also act as access to a digital community that enjoys specific experiences. The first of these experiences that have been announced is called ‘The Huddle’ and will be released on the same date. The Huddle will see buyers of season tickets receiving rewards, invitations to meet other members of the club virtually and in person, and even Brady himself. 

As the website explains, this is all in a bid to foster more engagement among Brady fans and offer them rewards. 

“Our newest collaboration with the legendary Tom Brady gives fans unique access to exclusive content, digital collectibles, custom-made merchandise, and private, in-person events,” the site says. 

More Brady-focused collectibles are expected to be announced moving forward. All NFTs will be available via the Signature website.

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