Timbaland Lights Up the Metaverse with Bored Ape Music Video

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Prolific music producer and media superstar, Timbaland, has embarked on a pioneering journey through the metaverse. As such, harnessing the power of his Bored Ape intellectual property, and creating a digital persona for the virtual realm.

In a first outing for his simian alter ego, Congo, the savvy trendsetter has launched a historic new music video for his hit song ‘Has a Meaning’. A fine creation, taking inspiration from the Web3 environment to explore this all-new medium for superstardom and marking a pivotal moment as the world transitions to the new era of immersive media.

Through this mighty endeavour, Timbaland partnered with Web3 maestro Zayd Portillo to bring his vision to reality. Together, using the technical innovation of motion capture to provide realism to the animated apes. Then, rendering it all in high-res glory through the tremendous power of the Unreal Engine and into a majestic feast for the eyes in a creative marriage of music, animation, NFTs and the metaverse.

Own a Piece of History

Timbaland debuted his latest creation at the recent BAYC Ape Fest at NFT NYC to the appreciation of an enthusiastic crowd. Now however, fans can get their hands on their own slice of the pie through a limited drop on the glass.xyz platform and acquire one of 100 NFT editions of the video at a modest 0.4 ETH apiece.

So, as the virtual world evolves, the domains of the physical and the digital continue to intertwine, with the most clued up superstars looking to build a presence in this new frontier of media interaction, represented by a stunning realm where physical location no longer matters, and fans can rub shoulders with their chosen idols.

Bag a ‘Has a Meaning’ NFT, or, just watch the video >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/timbaland-lights-up-the-metaverse-with-bored-ape-music-video/

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