Tiffany & Co. Launches Exclusive CryptoPunk NFT Jewellery

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World-renowned jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. is launching a special edition NFT collection which will be exclusively available to CryptoPunk holders. As you’d expect from the jeweller, the collection, which is titled ‘NFTiffs,’ will also include a luxurious physical element by means of diamond and gemstone encrusted pendants that have been handcrafted by Tiffany & Co. artisans.

The collection is comprised of only 250 NFTiffs, which each go on sale on August 5th at 2PM UTC for 30 ETH (or $50,600) apiece. Only wallets that hold a verified CryptoPunk NFT can enter the sale, with each respective CryptoPunk being able to mint a maximum of three NFTiffs. 

With 87 attributes and 159 colours in the offering, each of the 250 pendants will be completely unique in their design. Depending on the colour palette of the Punk in question, the pendants will be made of either 18-karat rose or yellow gold, where in addition, they will also feature at least 30 gemstones (such as sapphire, amethyst, and spinel) and/or diamonds, which will be used to manifest owners’ Punks into the physical realm in one of the most luxurious ways possible.  

The 1/1 NFTs that come with a NFTiff purchase will be available to view once the final renderings of the pendants are produced (which is expected for October 2022), whilst the physical pendants are expected to be delivered to their rightful owners in the early months of 2023. 

In wake of Tiffany & Co.’s announcement of the endeavour, the NFT Twitter community hasn’t hesitated in letting the company know how they feel about the seemingly ludicrous 30 ETH mint price. In addition, many are wondering why the multi-billion dollar company is limiting the collection to a mere 250 assets, despite the CryptoPunks collection being comprised of 10,000.


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