Thousands of Voyagers Enjoy a Trip to the Otherside – NFT Plazas

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Thousands of gamers recently took to the Metaverse for Yuga Labs’ highly anticipated Second Trip to the Otherside, and according to those taking part, it lived up to expectations. Over 7,200 voyagers participated in various challenges, with the winning team set to receive a “winged helmet” airdropped to their wallets.

Yuga Labs’ Second Trip follows on from the First Trip that took place last summer, and was open exclusively to holders of Otherdeed NFTs. In order to further personalize the experience, Otherside allowed Voyagers to link PFP images to their avatars, and communicate with each other using audio devices. In the end, the event lived up to the hype, and attracted 2,700 more participants than the previous outing.

Thanks to everybody who came out today 👾

— Garga.eth (Greg Solano) (@CryptoGarga) March 25, 2023

What the Second Trip to the Otherside Entailed

Yuga Labs grouped participants into four teams led by reputable influencers from the NFT community. When the dust had settled, Jimmy Wong’s Glacial team emerged victorious with 2.1 million points, closely followed by second and third place.

To participate in the adventure, players were required to follow the official web link before gathering at Infinity Space, which allowed them to teleport to different environments. Unlike the first trip, where players battled giant Kodas in a Biogenic Swap, the second trip saw members dropped into a green world via a giant slide.

During proceedings, players had to collect “magic blobs” and deliver them to giant toads. The toads used the blobs to blast holes into a new portal, which players then entered. The next phase involved navigating a giant blue pyramid with three Giant Toad platforms, requiring skill to avoid being blasted off.

After completing the pyramid challenge, another portal opened to a desert with a giant dinosaur grave before players were returned to Infinity Space. The experience proved to be thrilling and engaging for all participants, leaving them eagerly anticipating Yuga Labs’ next creation.

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