Thirdweb Taps Ex-Facebook Exec for One-Stop Toolkit NFT Plazas

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Merging code and pixels to create fascinating realms, the San Fransisco-based startup, Thirdweb, has appointed Facebook’s former executive of eight years, Atif Khan, as Vice President of Gaming to create a one-stop toolkit for developers. 

Interestingly, this alliance was not an expected corporate maneuver, with Thirdweb recently whipping up ‘Web3 Warriors’, a game that flaunts the magic of blockchain technology. The firm’s capabilities to successfully build on Web3 is already apparent — but the blockchain-based app builder is ready for a different venture nonetheless. 

INTRODUCING: Web3 Warriors ⚔️

An onchain survival game built by thirdweb which will completely transform your perception of Web3 Gaming.

Play the first full-scale Web3 game on the @BuildOnBase network and win playable NFTs. 🎮👇

— thirdweb (@thirdweb) May 18, 2023

Supporting Web3 Game Developers

Hiring Khan, who fully understands that Web3 gaming creation requires complicated mechanics — like wallet production, asset minting, RPC nodes, API, marketplace enhancements, payment processing, and game engine manuals — the new VP’s mission is to simplify all processes by providing an all-in-one Web3 tool as a “full stack” for game developers to purchase and exploit. 

“We want to build a great, one-stop shop tool that is comprehensive so that developers don’t have to go on an odyssey through seven or eight different places,” affirmed Khan in a recent interview. 

Acquiring a treasure chest of $24 million through a Series A funding round from powerhouses like Polygon Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Shopify, and Haun Ventures assists the firm to unleash its full potential in the Web3 gaming world. As a result, helping the company to achieve an impressive overall valuation of $160 million.

As the Thirdweb one-stop toolkit takes shape, creators will shortly be able to explore a Web3 space unbounded by barriers, efficiently designing new games in the Web3 realm with fewer complications and hurdles. Meanwhile, enjoying Web3 Warriors and all else the company has to offer. 

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