The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales September 25-30 2021

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Another crazy week in the NFT and Crypto space and a good one to close the month. Axie Infinity did a $50M dollar airdrop to its founding users and Compound Finance had a “1 character bug” that released an illegitimate $80M “airdrop” to the past users of the platform. These events show us how different is Web3 from Web2. Companies get to share value with early users instead of extracting it, and creating a solid smart contracts is one character away from losing $80M.

But, let’s concentrate on the data and see how sales are going.

Big Sales of the Week

Some Assholefor $3.9M
All Time High in the City for $2.92M
Fidenza #77 for $2.87M
Chromie Squiggle #4697 for $2.8M

What Collectible Market Data is Telling Us

1641932167 collectible markets last 7 days

Top 4 Collectibles

Axie Infinity made $98.7M in sales with a total of 118k buyers who transacted 420k times – a 7% decrease from last week.

Art Blocks made $82M in sales with a total of 2,377 buyers who transacted 4,550 times – a 150% increase in sales volume from last week.

CryptoPunks made $63M in sales with a total of 107 buyers who transacted 161 times – a 162% increase in sales volume from last week.

CryptoToadz made $20.5M in sales with a total of 827 buyers who transacted 1,436 times – a 298% increase in sales volume from last week.

NFT Markets

1641932169 nft markets september 30th

The biggest NFT markets or marketplaces where you can buy technically any NFT standard on the Ethereum network are OpenSea and Rarible.

OpenSea made $619M in sales with 175k buyers, almost a 10% increase in sales volume last week.

Rarible made $7M in sales with 3,452 buyers, a 31% increase in sales volume last week.

Top 4 New Collectibles in the Last 7 Days

1641932171 new collectibles last 7 days

This is our segment where we evaluate the 4 latest best-selling collectibles every 7 days, according to OpenSea rankings (we pick the first 4 with less than 7 days of data).

GalacticApes made $21.9M in sales.

PEACEFUL GROUPIES Official made $10.6M in sales.

Winter Bears made $9.5M in sales.

Monsterbuds made $8.9M in sales.

What CryptoArt is Telling Us

1641932173 crypto art sales

Let’s quickly break it down for perspective:

  • July sold $20.9M
  • August sold $88.81M
  • September so far $75.68M

CryptoArt markets closed strong in September with SuperRare leading the charge with $24.5M, Foundation with $16.1M, and Hen with $15.4M. It still seems that artist 1/1s are doing great in this market and that’s why we also have a new influx of artists in the space. Would be interesting to see how it develops as we get closer and closer to the end of the year, but in terms of sales, we are only down 15% from last month and up 362% from July.


We are just entering October and we can see all the good news that is going to start developing in the NFT space in the upcoming weeks as play-to-earn may be taking the next lead once Axie releases land play. But PFPs are not behind and even Twitter is working to adopt them in their platform.

Remember it is crypto, so anything and everything can happen.

*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from our site moderators’ research and experience and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to research any product before making any investment thoroughly.


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