The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales October 23-29 2021

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As most will already know, Facebook’s latest announcement (changing its name to Meta) is pretty controversial. Some people will love it, and others will hate it. I’m neutral about that announcement, and if you are a founder, creator, writer or investor in the metaverse, this should validate even more your thesis and confirm that you were right all along. This way, you will now know what to do and where to continue building.

Big Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #1422 for $2.01M
DANKRUPTfor $1.91M
CryptoPunk #4992 for $1.79M
CryptoPunk #364for $1.52M

What Collectible Market Data is Telling Us

1641931926 nft collectibles last 7 days

Top 4 Collectibles

Axie Infinity made $113.7M in sales with a total of 127k buyers who transacted 463k times – a 4% decrease from last week.

CryptoPunks made $43.5M in sales with a total of 68 buyers who transacted 80 times – a 43% increase in sales volume from last week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club made $24M in sales with a total of 128 buyers who transacted 140 times – a 21% increase in sales volume from last week.

Farming Tales made $18.7M in sales with a total of 4,463 buyers who transacted 47k times – a 942% increase in sales volume from last week.

NFT Markets

1641931928 nft markets last 7 days 1

The biggest NFT markets or marketplaces where you can buy technically any NFT standard on the Ethereum network are OpenSea and Rarible.

OpenSea made $400M in sales with 149k buyers, almost a 20% decrease in sales volume last week.

Rarible made $2.46M in sales with 1,523 buyers, a 27% decrease in sales volume last week.

Top 4 New Collectibles in the Last 7 Days

1641931930 nft new collectibles last 7 days

This is our segment where we evaluate the 4 latest best-selling collectibles every 7 days, according to OpenSea rankings (we pick the first 4 with less than 7 days of data).

Boonji Project made $14M in sales.

HeadDAO made $12M in sales.

THE SHIBOSHIS made $8.9M in sales.

CreatureToadz made $8.7M in sales.

What CryptoArt is Telling Us

1641931932 crypto art last 7 days 1

Let’s quickly break it down for perspective:

  • August sold $88.81M
  • September sold $75.68M
  • October so far $87.5M

Many great things are happening in the CryptoArt space right now, but as the data relates, we are breaking last August’s top, and if this trend continues, we will be making new highs in the upcoming months.


Crypto markets are taking a hit, but if your thesis is correct and you believe in crypto and the metaverse in the long term, you will be good, but it will take hard work to make it.

*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from our site moderators’ research and experience and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to research any product before making any investment thoroughly.


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