The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales November 13-19 2021

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The NFT market has been experiencing a downtrend recently, and people are talking a little bit negatively about them, but like everything in the crypto space, there are different short and long cycles; you should consider that before participating in any market in the crypto and NFT space.

Let’s get started with the data rundown.

Big Sales of the Week

Bored Ape Yacht Club #1837 for $1.58M
Fidenza #718 for $1.12M
CryptoPunk #8898 for $1.11M
CryptoPunk #8359for $1.06M

What Collectible Market Data is Telling Us

1641931746 collectibles markets last 7 days

Top 4 Collectibles

Axie Infinity made $181M in sales with a total of 175k buyers who transacted 584k times – a 19% decrease from last week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club made $118M in sales with a total of 412 buyers who transacted 514 times – a 395% increase in sales volume from last week.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club made $81M in sales with a total of 1,760 buyers who transacted 2,419 times – a 511% increase in sales volume from last week.

CryptoPunks made $42M in sales with a total of 71 buyers who transacted 92 times – a 3% decrease in sales volume from last week.

NFT Markets

1641931748 nft markets last 7 days 2

The biggest NFT markets or marketplaces where you can buy technically any NFT.

OpenSea made $75M in sales with 36k buyers, almost a 26% decrease in sales volume last week.

AtomicMarket made $8.19M in sales with 16k buyers, almost a 9% increase in sales volume last week.

Solanart made $1.53M in sales with 2,461 buyers, almost a 40% decrease in sales volume last week.

Rarible made $451k in sales with 275 buyers, a 36% decrease in sales volume last week.

Top 4 New Collectibles in the Last 7 Days

1641931749 new collectibles payments

This is our segment where we evaluate the 4 latest best-selling collectibles every 7 days, according to OpenSea rankings (we pick the first 4 with less than 7 days of data).

Smilesssvrs ::) made $8M in sales.

Corruption(s*) made $7.6M in sales.

Edifice by Ben Kovach made $5M in sales.

Cosmic Wyverns Official made $4.9M in sales.

What CryptoArt is Telling Us

1641931752 crypto art nov 19

Let’s quickly break it down for perspective:

  • September sold $75.68M
  • October sold $95M
  • November so far $48M

NFT sales took a hit, so CryptoArt is  pretty down from last month in sales revenue.


NFTs are a big part of crypto now; there is no doubt about that. But like any trend, prices will go up, and prices will go down. NFTs are not just a trend, but there is no doubt that they are currently in a trend.

*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from our site moderators’ research and experience and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to research any product before making any investment thoroughly.


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