The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales August 21-27 2021

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Punks, Fidenza, Rocks, Penguins, Apes, Parallel Cards, Art Blocks, 0N1 Force, and lots of other collectibles and CryptoArt are taking the spotlight at the moment. But there is something bigger going on in the metaverse, and that’s Axie Infinity.

It’s doing close to $200M per week on transactions and is close to raking in $1B a month. Still, the biggest news that I saw the other day is that there are more Filipinos with a Ronin wallet than credit cards doing transactions using Axie’s $SLP and buying stuff from merchants. That’s big for the metaverse; people are using in-game currency on real-life transactions.

In other news, OpenSea is still killing us daily with those big gas fees.

Big Sales of the Week

CryptoPunk #7252 for $5.3M
Fidenza #313for $3.3M
Fidenza #772for $2.4M
Sirxn 0 – Bioluminescent Sirxnfor $2M

What Collectible Market Data is Telling Us

1641932466 crypto collectible markets aug 27

Top 4 Collectibles

Art Blocks made $268.8M in sales with a total of 6,793 buyers who transacted 21k times – a 356% increase in sales volume from last week.

CryptoPunks made $190M in sales with a total of 452 buyers who transacted 677 times – a 515% increase in sales volume from last week.

Axie Infinity made $175M in sales with a total of 110k buyers who transacted 414k times – a 14.5% decrease from last week.

0n1 Force made $97M in sales with a total of 3,953 buyers who transacted 8,868 times – a 1900% increase in sales volume from last week.

NFT Markets

1641932468 nft markets sale

The biggest NFT markets or marketplaces where you can buy technically any NFT standard on the Ethereum network are OpenSea and Rarible.

OpenSea made $1.06B in sales with 105k buyers, almost a 161% increase in sales volume last week.

Rarible made $4M in sales with 2,650 buyers, a 16% decrease in sales volume from last week.

Top 4 New Collectibles in the Last 7 Days

1641932470 new collectibles aug 27

This is our segment where we evaluate the 4 latest best-selling collectibles every 7 days, according to OpenSea rankings.

0N1 Force made $97M in sales.

Koala Intelligence Agency made $17.1M in sales.

CyberKongz VX made $14.6M in sales.

Playing Arts Crypto Edition made $9.8M in sales.

What CryptoArt is Telling Us

1641932472 art sales august 27

We added Hen to our CryptoArt sales data thanks to a recommendation from TheArtMarket, a Spanish art marketing agency. So let’s quickly break it down for perspective:

  • July has sold $20.9M
  • August has sold $65.58M

We clearly see sales numbers increasing in different markets, with SuperRare really close to NiftyGateway sales, so there is currently a huge interest from collectors in 1/1 pieces. Some interesting pieces picking up traction from early March are Pak cubes and Trevor Jones BTC Angel. Even new artists are doing well in this market.


Markets are pretty euphoric, but you can see the long-term trend of the metaverse creating a strong culture around their users and with more people exchanging digital assets for real-life services, it is just a matter of time until we as humans spend most of our time interacting with 3D (metaverse) instead of 2D (Facebook, Instagram) services.

*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from our site moderators’ research and experience and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to research any product before making any investment thoroughly.


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