The We Own Sea NFT Club Brings the Ocean to the Blockchain

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Deep in the murky depths of the Ethereum blockchain, there dwells a myriad of noble and majestic beings. A host of fantastical sea beasts with a penchant for humanistic trappings, lazily swimming to the crypto surface. As a result, the first 7777 “We Own Sea (W.O.S.)” NFTs will soon emerge from the watery plain to take their proud places in the wallets of the lucky few.

The Geek and Chic Ocean-Themed Collection

W.O.S. Club represents a trinity of ocean-themed collectibles, featuring Sharks, Whales, and their mysterious offspring, all set to arrive over the coming months. Each NFT is a beautifully rendered digital 3D masterpiece algorithmically generated from over 170 different attributes (with 5 to 10 character traits each), mixing and matching various textures, clothing, accessories, and decals to create a series of visibly unique, highly collectible items. All with the ultimate goal to create one of the most striking NFT collections of all time.

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These exquisite champions of the watery underverse however, will not forget their roots. As a result, $100k in USDT will go towards funding a number of ocean-going conservation efforts while 30% of all resale royalties will provide an additional boost. So far, charities set to benefit include, the Sea Shepherd association and the WWF.

It’s All About the NFTs

Kicking off the whole W.O.S. experience, 7,777 NFT Sharks will arrive on the Ethereum blockchain on March 16. As such, the initial drop will take place in two key stages, and 1,500 lucky whitelist members will get their hands on the 3D goodness first, while a further 6,100 items will be the subject of a public sale. The remaining 177 items are reserved for marketing and community endeavours. However, regardless of allocation, all NFTs will retail at a flat fee equivalent to $500 in ETH. The whitelisted will pay a little less than in the public sale.

Then, once the shark frenzy has died down, W.O.S. will enter its second stage. Therefore, later in the year, 7,777 Whale NFTs will become available in a similar drop.

Finally, once the dust has settled, a breeding mechanism will allow owners of both sets of NFTs a chance to claim a third collectible, an as yet mysterious offspring of the original characters. Other unique creatures will be created in this collection and will be auctioned off to generate even more money for charity.

Going forward, all W.O.S. Club members will be eligible for a host of excellent utility. Owners will receive luxurious privileges and regular rewards while the team will distribute 30% of all resale royalties back to the community.

The W.O.S Roadmap

Each stage of the W.O.S. evolution is peppered with a number of giveaways. For example, midway between each drop, the team will select random NFT holders to win designer watches with values in excess of $13,000, while one lucky Shark holder will receive a one week stay at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Following the initial sale, a merch store will launch, offering t-shirts, hoodies and much more, all sporting the unique ocean-themed designs.

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A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

W.O.S. Club is backed by a huge team of seasoned professionals, combining to produce one of the best experiences in the NFT sphere. This highly transparent, forward-facing powerhouse of talent is ready to take NFTs to the next level.

In addition, a famous French design studio is responsible for the exceptional artwork, featuring a line up that works with some of the biggest names in the sports and fashion industries, including the likes of Adidas, Nike and Dior in a formidable portfolio.

All in all an exciting time for fans of aquatic, geek, manga-themed and sea beasts of the majestic kind.

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