The University of Tokyo Takes the Classroom into the Metaverse

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In an effort to provide students with a new style of learning, The University of Tokyo has announced that it will soon be offering ‘Metaverse Courses’ for engineering students. To ensure that the new technology-leveraging virtual learning space can be experienced by all, there will be different courses on offer which each cater to university students, middle and high schoolers, working adults, and more. 

The project is comprised of three different initiatives; a junior engineering education course, a reskilling engineering education course, and a comprehensive engineering career site.

The junior engineering course is mainly aimed at middle and high schoolers, as well as their parents. It will use a hybrid system wherein metaverse and face-to-face classes will take place, with the premise of the course being to educate students in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering studies, as well as provide them with hands-on exercises within product development.

On the other hand, the reskilling engineering education course is aimed at working adults and students. It will provide them with support in retraining for a new career in engineering.

Although, in broad terms, the courses cater to all, its comprehensive engineering career site will have a special emphasis on inspiring female students to engage with engineering, as engineering and information science courses in Japan are predominately taken by males.

As per the inferences made in the project’s announcement, it appears that the university sees this type of endeavor as a necessity, as without it, there will be a shortage of people who are well equipped to navigate the metaverse in order to build the future of society. As with the premise of online learning, the courses will also allow students from outer Tokyo regions and beyond to enroll. 


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