The Tiger Archives- An NFT Collection From Tiger Beer and PMC

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Tiger Beer and Malaysian street wear brand PMC (Pestle & Mortar Clothing) have teamed up to launch ‘The Tiger Archives’ NFT collection. The initiative is being launched through Tiger Beer’s ‘Uncage’ platform, with proceeds going towards the support of local musicians and artists throughout 2022, the Year of the Tiger. 

The collection, which will be open for public mint on January 30th, includes 6,688 ‘Lucky Tiger’ NFTs, each of which will feature a unique and hand-draw take from PWC on the iconic Tiger Beer brand artwork. By virtue, the ‘Lucky Tigers’ will grant good fortune to their owners, whilst also offering them a series of exclusive perks and curated experiences which bridge the gap between the metaverse and real life.

Lucky Tiger NFTs will be available on Mintable after the public mint. The launch is part of the beer giant’s ‘The Year of Your Tiger’ campaign, which is designed to ignite a movement that encourages people everywhere to set aside their fears and achieve bold ambitions in 2022.

Sean O’Donnell, Global Brand Director of Tiger Beer, commented on the collection: “The Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for us all to embody the symbolic power of the Tiger, and uncage our bold ambitions for the year ahead. The Tiger Archives is the perfect realisation of this. These Lucky Tigers are unique, progressive, and stunningly created. By sharing proceeds from The Tiger Archives with local musicians and artists, we hope to support creatives to realize their bold ambitions in 2022”.

Tiger Beer are not the first mainstream brewery to venture into metaversal activity, as Stella Artois and Budweiser have also launched respective ‘lagar than life’ NFT endeavours.

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