The Sex Pistols Mark the Platinum Jubilee in True Anarchic Style

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Quintessential troublemakers, The Sex Pistols, will once again direct their distain towards the Queen of the commonwealth. This time around, marking her platinum jubilee with a commemorative ‘God Save the Queen’ NFT coin and physical counterpart.

Aiming to throw a spanner into her majesty’s grand celebration, the NFTs will come in a number of randomized designs, all featuring the countenance of the long-reigning monarch from her lesser known lip-pierced anarchic period. The flipside includes the iconic ‘Sex Pistols’ logo, and bastardized version of the Union Flag.

pennies, coins, dosh, quids…whatever you call ‘em, bet you ain’t got one like this. God Save The Queen Commemorative Coin* + bonus NFT, available from The Pistol Mint now – get yours. [1/3]

— Sex Pistols Official (@sexpistols) May 30, 2022

The commemorative coins will go on sale in strictly limited numbers throughout June, with owners required to mint the redeemable NFT via ‘The Pistol Mint’. Following which, both the physical and digital items will arrive some time in July, marking a flurry of Sex Pistols activity, which also involves the re-issue of their punk anthem, ‘God Save the Queen’.

All NFTs within the Sex Pistols collection will arrive courtesy of the Palm Network, incorporating an energy efficient and planet friendly Proof of Stake protocol into proceedings. Because, these days anarchy and civil disobedience come hand in hand with environmentalism, while the folks in charge play a high-stakes game for the future of humankind.

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