The Sandbox’s MoCDA Exhibition Continues with ‘Impossible Worlds’

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The second instalment of The Sandbox’s two-part Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) art exhibition is now upon us. Titled ‘Impossible Worlds’ by MoCDA affiliate Tom Van Avermaet, the showcasing has an amended lifespan which ends on July 14th.

Impossible Worlds offers The Sandbox users the chance to receive a slice of a 10,000 $SAND reward pie. Here, 50 winners, who’ll each receive 200 $SAND, will be randomly selected from the pool of users who enter the competition. 

To complete a valid entry, one of the tasks is to make a tweet which includes the text: “I just participated in the #TheSandbox weekly contest for a chance to win 200 mSAND! Here is my favorite piece from the ‘Impossible Worlds’ exhibition, check out my screenshot below!”.

As its text infers, the tweet must also include an image of their The Sandbox avatar standing in front of their favorite art piece from the exhibition, as well as the name of the piece and its creator. This way, artists can gain further exposure whilst community members can be rewarded for their participation.

The competition comes amid a flurry of other ongoings within The Sandbox metaverse, such as its preparation for its highly anticipated Alpha Season 3.


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