The SandboxLaunches Mega City 3 Land Sale – NFT Plazas

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Leading Metaverse platform, The Sandbox, has launched its long awaited Mega City 3 LAND sale. This opportunity will present participants with a chance to experience the best of education, art, culture, and entertainment from 17 of its partners in the vibrant Greater China neighborhood.

As the name suggests, this sale will be mega, featuring 222 regular and 12 premium LANDs, along with the auctions of 6 estates and 12 1×1 LANDs. The Sandbox has drawn inspiration from the vibrant city of Greater China to create Mega City 3, a futuristic hub that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

To win a chance to become neighbors with industry leaders such as HKUST, Nouns, Softstar, and many others, users will have to enter a raffle. The more tickets a user has, the greater their chance of getting whitelisted to buy the prime real-estate.

How to Get Involved

The registration period for the raffle began on April 26 and will continue until May 10. During this two-week period, interested individuals can register by meeting the necessary criteria. To proceed with the registration, users are required to have a KYC’d account holding at least 1011 SAND tokens. The Sandbox team has implemented this measure to prevent bots from participating in the raffle.

After meeting these requirements, users will have the opportunity to enter two different raffles: one for Regular LAND and another for Premium LAND. Although users may opt to participate in both raffles, they can only be whitelisted to purchase land from one category. However, by earning additional raffle tickets, users can increase their chances of being selected for the whitelist. To earn more tickets, participants can take part in various challenges that will provide additional entries.

A draw will be held, and results will be announced on May 11. The lucky winners will proceed to snap up a piece of the available LANDs for the following four days, up to May 15. Any unsold parcels will be auctioned on OpenSea from May 15 to May 17.

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