The Sandbox Wades in with Brand Partnered Land Sale

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Mighty Metaverse, The Sandbox, has announced its latest extravagant LAND sale. The sale will allow fans to take up a neighborly position next to Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk, and heavyweight of ‘gentleman’s literature,’ Playboy.

As November again bleeds into December, The Sandbox has lined up its first in a series of 3 new LAND auctions. Each of these will give residents of the Metaverse a chance to get a shoo-in to this metaphysical new world. While potentially acquiring the neighborly clout of the biggest brands and celebrities in today’s age.

To get in on the action, collectors must complete KYC verification and hold at least 1011 $SAND in their wallet (4683 $SAND for premium plots). Then, from 3 pm UTC November 24-28, they can enter a raffle to obtain a whitelist spot. After which, those on the list will have 24 hours to mint their randomly allocated Sandbox real estate starting from 12 pm UTC on November 29. The price of land is set at the previously mentioned 1011 $SAND for regular and 4683 $SAND for premium plots.

Within the restrictive realm of the physical world, the lives of the rich and famous remain eternally detached from everyday society. However, thanks to unique places like The Sandbox, regular folk can rub shoulders with the stars and connect more personally than ever before.

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