The Sandbox Takes to the Altar for its First Metaverse Wedding – NFT Plazas

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Following Decentraland’s breakthrough ceremony and Taco Bell’s weird marketing campaign, weddings have firmly arrived in the metaverse. So, as interest in the tech hots up, The Sandbox has joined the celebrations with its own stunning event.

Earlier in the week, Singaporean lovebirds, Joanne and Clarence tied the knot in a hybrid virtual and physical wedding, taking to the metaverse in a disco glam clad digital version of the famous Akaff mansion. As a result, celebrating in true technological style in both planes of reality.

As Clarence and Joanne entertained their guests, they took the time to also mingle in the metaverse, performing their nuptials in a ceremony officiated by none other than The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastian Borges. After which, they slipped back into their human forms to continue their celebration in an event probably punctuated by drunk uncles and bad dancing.

Metaverse weddings provide an interesting development in the virtual realm by offering a new state-of-the-art method of engagement for those separated by location, finances, anxiety and the general antisocial behaviour to participate in the big day.

The grand soiree was made possible thanks to the combined efforts of 1-Group, Smobler Studios and The Sandbox. With the talented folks at Smobler providing the voxel knowhow to build the extravagant venue.

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