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Metaverse development platform, The Sandbox, has expanded its operations to Germany after acquiring Sviper, a gaming studio based in Hamburg. Now, the team behind Sviper will join The Sandbox to focus on expanding Metaverse social and gameplay features.

Sviper Gaming has been around since 2016, and it is known for its creative excellence, incredible talent, and collaborations with various top brands. With the acquisition, The Sandbox adds development, engineering, and creative talent to its global team. Consequently, empowering the creator generation to build more engaging and fun forms of experiences that focus on “social features, new multiplayer gameplay options, and new Game Maker possibilities for creators”

🇩🇪 The Sandbox team is expanding in Germany! 🇩🇪
We are proud to announce the acquisition of German company @SviperGames, a game development studio founded in 2016 and known for its creative excellence working with major brand partners and its senior-level talent.

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) February 28, 2023

Sviper, led by Ole Schaper as the CEO and Mark Buchholz as the CPO, boasts over 25 years of combined experience collaborating with renown brands in mobile, PC, and multiplayer gaming.

The takeover comes as no surprise to those that have been around Sviper, as the platform has been collaborating with The Sandbox for the past year and is fully integrated into its ecosystem. Currently, Sviper has 40 team members and is now hiring more talent for the shift towards Metaverse centered development.

Sviper Acquisition Supercharges The Sandbox Efforts

According to Sebastien Borget, cofounder and COO of The Sandbox, this acquisition supercharges the platform’s creative potential. In a statement, he notes, “The Sandbox’s German team is a creative powerhouse that is already advancing the gameplay possibilities available to our internal teams and The Sandbox creators at large.”

He continued, “From adding social features to designing rules creators can use to prototype game logic to implementing powerful multiplayer features, our Hamburg team is supercharging the metaverse’s creative potential.”

Arthur Madrid, cofounder and CEO of The Sandbox, also feels the same way. “We’ve built a high level of trust with The Sandbox Germany team as they’ve demonstrated tremendous innovation and quality by both working with major partners and ideating on new gameplay concepts.”

All in all, both parties involved in the deal appear thrilled by the potential of working together. It’s a sentiment that is shared by Schaper, who notes that Sviper is “thrilled to join The Sandbox and contribute to the creation of a cutting-edge virtual world that combines gaming, creativity, and community.”

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