The Sandbox Deploys New Tools Ahead of Publishing Launch

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As The Sandbox gears up to launch user-created experiences for the first time, it has deployed a suite of new tools to help move things along. To get ready for the update, scheduled for late 2023, creators can prepare their experiences, build a following, and set access parameters for their virtual realm.

Just last month, The Sandbox announced that it will soon allow LAND owners to publish their self-built experiences in the Metaverse. Initially, the feature will become available to those on the ‘early access’ list, before rolling out fully at the end of the year. So, in order for builders to get the best possible start, The Sandbox has added some neat new tools to help them get set up.

For example, users can now begin building their experience on the game maker, build a page, and initiate a following without the need to own any LAND. As a result, they can develop their ideas, virtual space, and showcase their ambitions, then only acquire their parcels when the time comes to publish.

In addition, The Sandbox has updated its game making academy to reflect the need for more in-depth instruction, and users can now also link their experiences to their LAND parcels to make them easier to discover on the map. However, for those without the time or conviction to build for themselves, The Sandbox has also unveiled a partner directory of agencies that can help with putting everything together.

New tools are now available for LAND Owners to prepare Experiences for launch later this year and for Creators to share their project with the world!


— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) August 15, 2023

Set Your own Access Parameters in Your Bespoke The Sandbox Experience

To add a little more fun into the mix, The Sandbox has added an extra feature that will allow gated access to their Experiences. As a result, a little extra code will enable creators to set a range of parameters that will restrict their parcels based on their own preferences. This could be an experience open to everyone, gated by a small $SAND fee, available only to owners of a certain NFT, or much much more!

So, as The Sandbox prepares to open up, get ready by creating your own experiences today!

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