The Sandbox Breaks Announces Publishing Feature – NFT Plazas

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After years of development, testing and building, The Sandbox is now almost ready to launch its next major breakthrough. This Autumn, the platform will allow LAND owners to deploy their own custom experiences and invite all and sundry to engage with their creations.

As it looks to move past its phase of curated experiences, The Sandbox has now unveiled its plan to open up its Metaverse to all of its LAND owners. In the very near future, they will finally have the ability to publish their own voxelated experiences within The Sandbox Metaverse. Effectively coming good on its promise to create a hugely immersive environment with a backbone of user generated content.

For now, users can head into The Sandbox’ very own no-code game maker and build out their own voxelated microcosm. Then, when ready, they can link it to their privately owned LAND parcels, while also setting up a dedicated web page that they can customize with images and videos.

Once up and running, LAND owners then have the option to request early access when the full publishing feature comes live. Essentially giving them the opportunity to be among the first permanent fixtures within The Sandbox’ ever evolving metaverse.

The Sandbox Marks Another Major Milestone

Over the years, The Sandbox has continually made solid progress as it looks to revolutionize the open Metaverse. What started as a series of LAND sales has slowly evolved into a deeply immersive virtual empire. Over the last year and a half, a series of Alpha seasons has allowed it to test its features, and showcase its raw power. Now however, with the addition of user generated content, it has the chance to truly come alive with the vibrant ideas from its community.

So, with LAND prices at an all-time low of 0.23 ETH, now is perhaps the best possible time to get involved and start building!

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