The Sandbox Announces Mega City Expansion and LAND Sale

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Gateway to the virtual world, The Sandbox, has announced its latest metaverse expansion plan. A sprawling Hong Kong-themed metropolis called Mega City.

A number of high-flying Hong-Kong based trailblazers from the entertainment, arts and business industries have partnered with The Sandbox for the project, each acquiring significant plots of LAND in Mega City, and pledging to develop a range of experiences inside. Currently onboard are Adrian Cheng, Times Capital, Stephen Feng, Shu Qi, Dough Boy, Little Fighter, and Dreamergo. An eclectic group of exceptional talents representing some of the brightest minds in the world today.

Mega City will take inspiration from Hong Kong and its rich culture and therefore, take aesthetic cues from the vibrant location, while also positioning itself as the “city of the future.” So, expect robots, hi-tech escapades, and a whole lot of chrome.

In celebration of all things Mega City, The Sandbox is preparing a massive LAND sale. Dropping at 1pm UTC on January 13, interested parties can get their hands on some prime metaverse real-estate. Up for grabs are 95 plots of premium LAND (4683 $SAND), 61 standard plots (1011 $SAND), and 7 estates (auction). Each additionally bundled with an excellent range of NFTs sponsored by the Mega City partners.

Join the LAND sale >> Here


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