The Sandbox Announce New Game Design Contest ‘SAND Play Game Jam’

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The Sandbox has partnered with arts and sports company Round21 for the next game design contest, SAND Play Game Jam. The contest allows creators to create an experience based on a modern, historical, or fictional sport, where they can decide how players interact with the sport. This means that players don’t necessarily have to be competitors within the sport, but can be event managers, students of the sport, or whatever role the creator assigns to them!

SAND Play Game Jam begins on December 24th, 2021, with the deadline to complete and submit entries being January 9th, 2022. Voting will take place by an external panel of The Sandbox’s staff and Round21’s team between 10th-17th of January, with the results being announced on January 22nd. Anyone who is eligible to create an account on The Sandbox can enter SAND Play Game Jam, and the contest will also allow team/studio efforts.

The contest will see a prize pool of50,000 $SAND being distributed between winners, with 1st place receiving 20,000 $SAND, 2nd place receiving 10,000 $SAND, 3rd place receiving 6,000 $SAND, and those placed 4th-10th receiving 2,000 $SAND.

Creations must be designed using The Sandbox’s Game Maker software, follow a sporty theme, and have some form of playability. Seeking inspiration from existing sports is encouraged, however producing exact copies of sports will lead in disqualification, as well as any spamming of low-quality experiences just to increase the chances of being placed 4th-10th.

The Sandbox custom ASSETS using VoxEdit are allowed to be included in SAND Play Game Jam entries, however players must fill out the following formto be able to submit their custom ASSETS for approval.

SAND Play Game Jam will be using the Game Maker “Gallery” feature as a form for submissions. Players must click on the SHARE icon, input the title of their game using “SAND PLAY GAME JAM- Game Title” format, and provide a description of their sporting experience in the description tab.

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Image credit via: Artstation


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