The Sandbox and Warner Music Team up for a Dip into AR – NFT Plazas

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Over in the confines of the cutting-edge voxel realm, The Sandbox has begun to bleed into the physical world. Continuing it partnership with Warner Music Group, fans can now create a bespoke audio-visual experience within their own local environment.

Through the amazing new opportunity, users can access the AR portal via the Instagram application. Then, they can set up their own DJ both, musicians, instruments and dancers in any physical location they choose, and start moving to the sweet beats with The Sandbox characters.

To get up and running, those interested can follow the link to the dedicated Instagram page via a mobile device. Wherein, they will first be tasked with setting a flat surface on which to build their own personal musical wonderland. Once prepped and ready, they can then select from a range of 8 virtual assets to place within the selected environment, using their fingers to move, rotate, and size each one as they see fit.

Want to throw your own party from the comfort of your home? 🥳 Check out this tutorial with @Pandapops7 on how to pick your DJ, beats and dancers to create the biggest party both IRL and in the metaverse!

Try it now!

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) July 5, 2023

Submit an AR Creation for a Chance to Win 1000 $SAND

To kick off this amazing new addition to The Sandbox’ range of tools and user experiences, the team has launched a competition to find the best AR build in town. As a result, the most intriguing, dazzling, and downright audacious DJ set to reach the judges will receive an epic prize of 1000 $SAND.

To get involved just build and share a creation with the amazing AR tool, making sure to tag The Sandbox and associated projects. After which, the gods of The Sandbox will select a worthy victor and shower them with tokenized prizes!

So, as the Metaverse continues to innovate, the fine line between the virtual and the physical becomes ever more blurry!

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