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Merging state-of-the-art technology and medieval gaming sorcery, The Red Village has collaborated with IQ Protocol to open a treasure trove of digital assets and possibilities. Achieving this, through an illustrious NFT rental marketplace within its groundbreaking dark-fantasy play-to-earn platform, ready to fully propel on Polygon, starting June 26.

The wonderous NFT rental marketplace, IQ Market, enables players to list their cherished in-game character NFT ‘Champions’ to reap advantageous rewards. Even empty-pocketed squires yet to claim ownership of these majestic collectibles can partake in The Red Village’s epic quest. Better still, players need not worry about gas fees, and can enjoy customizable rental items to rent, play, earn, and split rewards with other asset owners without upfront costs.

On top of that, a realm of riches awaits! All IQ Market users have exclusive access to a generous prize pool of $35,000 USD; other perks will unveil when battling in The Red Village’s rental-only tournaments. It’s no wonder many powerful guilds like BereederDAO, CARV, Rainmaker Games, and KapitalDAO stand ready to join this venture.

NEW BLOOD with @IQLabs_official
🔸The largest ever web3 rental gaming Championship
🔸$35,000+ in USDC and prizes
🔸Over 20 web3 communities playing
🔸*Training Week* starts 7PM (ET), Mon 19th June
🔸Gameplay starts 7PM (ET), Mon 26th June

Learn more 👉

— THE RED VILLAGE (@TheRedVillage) June 19, 2023

IQ Labs’ Uncharted Opportunities

Since launching in 2021, IQ Labs has established relationships with more than 50 renowned global enterprises and secured funding from leading investors, including Republic Capital, Capital, Kronos Research, Axia8, Genblock Capital, Genesis Block Ventures and GSR. 

Now, its NFT rental marketplace will reshape how users access virtual collectibles, unlocking new horizons like seamless onboarding processes for blockchain gaming, memberships, subscriptions, ticketing and NFT adventures. moreover, generating additional revenue streams for projects and injecting liquidity into the NFT market. 

IQ’s vision is to become the top-choice partner for Web3 projects, like The Red Village, to exhibit the utility of their trustless and frictionless assets globally. In the gaming realm, Web3 startups can overcome cost barriers and open blockchain-based projects to a broader community, opening unique opportunities for play and earn platforms and giving asset owners a sustainable yield from their in-game assets. The Red Village is more than aware of these advantages. 

By partnering with IQ Labs to fuse an NFT rental marketplace, The Red Village is heralding a new era of empowerment, inclusivity and limitless adventures awaiting all who dare to embark on this enchanting new chapter in its gaming cosmos. 

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