‘The Price Is Right’ Tease NFTs in Celebration of 50th Season

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In celebration of its 50th season, the iconic daytime TV show ‘The Price Is Right’ (TPIR) is releasing its first ever collection of NFTs. To launch the collection, Fremantle, the production company behind the show, is teaming up with Theta Labs, the developers of the Theta Network blockchain. 

Veering from the artistic type of NFTs which are arguably the most prevalent into today’s digital collectibles climate, TPIR NFTs will have a distinct, real world focus to their utilities. With this promise in mind, rare and vintage items from games within the show, such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘Cliff Hangers,’ and ‘Punch-A-Bunch,’ are expected to be embedded within the digital assets.

Ironically, fans who enjoy the guessing natured show will, for now, have to guess when the collection will drop on ThetaDrop, as despite teasing fans with snippets of insight, a release date is yet to be announced.

A recent statement from Mitch Lui, the CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs, demonstrated the company’s excitement for collaborating with the multiple Emmy winning and longest running game show of all time: “We’re thrilled to welcome The Price Is Right, an iconic brand that has entertained generations of global viewers as the most popular game show on television”. 

Fremantle have consulted the right people when it comes to creating utility-infused NFTs, as Theta Labs have a thorough history of creating novel NFTs. Their past NFT endeavours include the likes of Katy Perry, WPT, Fuse Media, and Join Media. 

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/the-price-is-right-nfts-of-50th-season/

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