The Otherside Unveils Lore Via New ‘Obelisk’ Website Tab

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After keeping things relatively hush-hush since the controversial Otherdeeds NFT Land sale, the Otherside project from Yuga Labs has now released more information with regards to what its metaverse ecosystem will entail. 

The project added an ‘Obelisk’ tab to its website, which is headlined with the tagline ‘The Voyager’s Journey’. In the words of the project itself (via a tweet), the concepts are referring to the following sequence of lore: “Fragments of an Obelisk have washed ashore in the Biogenic Swamp. Voyagers, your Otherdeed is your key to helping build the Otherside metaverse. As we reassemble the Obelisk together, the Otherside comes to life”. 

To accompany the insight, the Obelisk tab follows a roadmap-esque style, where it alludes to 11 different facets of the Otherside metaverse which collectively give clues as to how Voyagers (i.e. Otherdeed holders) will be able to navigate, trade, and interact with the project’s Otherdeeds, resources, artefacts, and the ever-mysterious Kodas.

Such facets include, ‘First Trip, ‘The Codex,’ ‘Koda Origins // The Decoupling,’ ‘The Growth,’ ‘The Agora,’ ‘The Dream,’ ‘The Choice,’ ‘The Settling,’ ‘The Toolkit,’ ‘The Aeronauts,’ and ‘The Rift’.

Although each is curiosity-piquing in its own respective way (whilst also remaining rather ambiguous), perhaps the standout talking points from the new tab are ‘The Codex’ and ‘The Agora,’ as the former is hinted at being a living document of wisdom which is co-written by Voyagers, whilst the latter appears to be a marketplace for Voyagers to ‘buy, sell, barter, and trade’ for what they need. The Agora’s description also mentions that crafting using raw materials will also be an option, which we could speculate will require access to resources and artefacts.

To add a visual element to the partial information unveiling, the project also dropped a 36 second ‘tech demo‘ of Otherside gameplay (courtesy of metaverse technology company Improbable), which features the 3D Bored Ape character featured in the project’s inaugural teaser trailer. According to the company, such gameplay relates to the ‘First Trip’ facet of the Obelisk tab.

Visit the Obelisk tab >> Here


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