The Ocean Meta Brings Fearsome Shark Celebration to Decentraland – NFT Plazas

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In a serene watery corner of the Decentraland empire, The Ocean Meta prepares to unlock the secrets of the deep. Embarking on a sub-nautical exhibition to bring its own celebration of the mighty shark.

The grand event will kick off at 6pm EST on August 29 at The Ocean Meta’s very own Decentraland venue. Inside, sending visitors on an incredible watery journey of oceanic education and wonder. Taking in a wide selection of amazing shark facts, as well as mesmerising photography by artful creator, szjanko. Resulting in one of the most unique and insightful experiences Decentraland has to offer.

Learn 2 Earn – The Ocean Meta will be hosting a shark educational event at our gallery in @decentraland in collaboration with @SnarkySharkz , @DecentralGames , @DiceMastersDCL (and more to be announced soon) on August 29th at 6pm EST.

— TheOceanMeta (@TheOceanMeta) August 15, 2022

Within the spectacular location, a series of interactive challenges lay in wait. Therefore, visitors must locate 10 cryptic shark-based questions hidden amongst the tremendous exhibits. After which, the first 10 guests to submit 10 correct answers will win an incredible prize.

As such, a whole host of excellent accolades await the winners, courtesy of the events esteemed sponsors. Including Tiger Shark – Crossroads NFT’s from The Ocean Meta, Buddy Shark NFT’s and a Shark Hoodie from Snarky Sharkz, a MegaCube2 suit from Decentral Games, and Coin Auras from Dice Masters. All dished out at an extravagant awards ceremony taking place at Decentral Games Tominoya Casino at 9pm.

Take a plunge into The Ocean Meta >> Here


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