The NFL Scores a Touchdown with its NFT Ticket Stub Initiative

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The USA’s top sporting organization, the NFL, has revealed the phenomenal success of its ticket stub initiative, reporting an almost four-fold increase in engagement with its marketing materials.

The NFL has witnessed what it describes as an ‘off the charts’ response to its NFT campaign. Through performance metrics, the NFL had recorded an average open rate for a marketing email of around 20%. However, when NFT ticket stubs were brought into the equation, this figure increased to an impressive 50% – 60%. Then, during the post season play-off games, it topped out at a whopping 75% of all emails.

All in all, the NFL distributed around 250k stubs during the regular season, then another 100k for the post season games. Quite notably, avoiding the use of the technology as a financial play and instead distributing the NFTs for free as a collector’s item and reward for fan support. As such, anyone purchasing a ticket via a sanctioned network, plus season ticket holders all qualified for the free NFTs.

Following this hugely impactful revelation, the NFL will now roll out the NFT ticket stub initiative to over 100 games in the coming season.


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