The NFL Brings NFT Ticketing to the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl, the USA’s biggest celebration of sporting excellence, has announced it will issue NFT tickets to this year’s attendees, thereby distributing non-fungible goodness to a brand new cross section of society.

The world’s second most popular form of football has partnered with Ticketmaster to get in on the NFT game. As a result, all attendees to the event can claim their very own NFT ticket, minted on the energy efficient Polygon chain, therefor representing a digital keepsake that will live on long after the physical ticket stubs have turned to dust.

NFL partners with Ticketmaster to offer a collection of NFTs to Super Bowl attendees.

— CollectorX NFT Calendar (@CollectorX_) February 5, 2022

This spectacular giveaway serves as the National Football League’s (NFL) second entry into the NFT hall of fame. Back in November/December, the esteemed organization performed a highly successful dry run of its NFT ticketing initiative. So, following the huge demand received at the time, the NFL look to push the boundaries even further.

In addition to the commemorative NFT tickets, the NFL has also launched a limited edition of “football” themed artworks, each available over the seven days building up to the big game on February 13.

If that wasn’t enough, several key crypto platforms are set to advertise at the event. Most notable, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is rumoured to make an appearance at the half time show to showcase the NFT space to 96.4 million highly impressionable sports fans.

Check out the NFL NFTs >> Here


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