The New York Stock Exchange Reveals NFT Ambitions

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The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has filed a new trademark application at the US Trademark and Patent Office. The crux of which, will enable the mighty stock exchange to trade its own blockchain-based digital goods.

The application itself includes the “provision of an online marketplace for buyers, sellers, and traders of downloadable digital goods authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs)”. It also goes on to specify what constitutes a “digital good,” listing NFTs, digital media and artworks, while the patent also includes the provision to trade in various cryptocurrencies.

💥 NEWS: Trademark apllications for #NFT trading has been filed by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Something big is coming 👀

— NFT Party (@nftpartynews) February 15, 2022

So far, it is projected that an NYSE digital marketplace would cover a niche market of blockchain-based items as not to compete directly with the big hitters in the NFT industry such as OpenSea, and Rarible. However, this is not its first foray into the non-fungible realm.

Back in April 2021, the NYSE minted six NFTs to commemorate the listing of several hot tech stocks on the exchange. At the time, these items did not find their way onto any trading platforms, instead representing a key moment in the history of the exchange.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see which direction the NYSE takes its blockchain-based enterprise.

Read the full application >> Here


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