The Mythology-Inspired NFT Collection ‘Akobi’ is Almost Here

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Akobi, a semi-autobiographical NFT collection inspired by Yoruba mythology and culture, has been slated for a September 29, 2022 release. The collection is the brainchild of Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, a self-taught contemporary Nigerian artist. 

The 10,000-piece collection will feature Kekere-Ekun’s signature style of bold lines and accentuated facial expressions of her subjects. This ties in with the theme of the collection, which is the artist’s vision of the world and her experiences within it. 

Details About the Drop 

The collection will be available for purchase via the artist’s own website. Each piece will have quilled, handmade traits that harken back to Yoruba custom (the collection name Akobi translates to “the first to be born” in the Yoruba language).

Quilling especially is an ancient Egyptian practice that creates 3D lines meant to catch and reflect light, giving more depth and character to the subject. And this, of course, is the theme of the collection as it is a personal journey of the artist’s vision and life. 

The artist Kekere-Ekun is part of a growing movement of traditional artists who are entering the web3 space. Throughout her career, she has scored several coups including being awarded the Dean Collection Awards in 2018 and exhibiting around the world. Her works are currently on show at the Johannesburg-based gallery, Guns & Rain. 

The Story Behind the Collection

The Akobi NFTs are more than just digital artwork; they have a moving backstory that goes far beyond than what is initially apparent.

The incredibly gifted artist initially dove deeply into her childhood before handcrafting the physical characteristics that underlie these visual NFTs. The NFTs are a reflection of her first visions and how, as a thought-provoking artist, she views the world. The collection’s designs, which incorporate Kekere-Ekun’s unresolved life traumas, are sure to leave Akobi owners in awe while also inspiring them with stories from her exciting and eventful life.

Her realistic sketches, which serve as the foundation for the Akobi collection, stand out for their vivid colors and strong lines. Her art gains depth and character from the intricate patterns the lines make while also highlighting the subjects’ expressions on their faces.

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