The Music NFT Show: Podcast Episode 11 – NFT Plazas

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Welcome to another round of The Music NFT Show! This week, we are back with Podcast Episode 11! This podcast is in collaboration with the incredible J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician and podcaster, with a finger on the pulse of everything cool in music and NFTs.

J.Thorn along with his talented daughter Q, discusses a variety of music NFT news and topics. Q hosts the weekly artist spotlight and shows you what’s hip and trending in music NFTs.

So, grab your headphones and tune in for some epic beats and chats on the latest updates in Web3 music! Check out the summary notes below of this week’s Episode 11, and have a listen!

Quick summary: An interview with Emil Angervall of Corite, Travis Barker drops first NFT on Limewire, and ways to reduce music NFT speculation.

Music NFT News

Travis Barker to Drop First NFT Collection on LimeWire – “Travis Barker will be joined by other artists including Brandy, Nicky Jam, Aitch, Dillon Francis, among others, in launching NFT collections on LimeWire.”

$STREAM REPORT SEASON 2 : Music and the Metaverse – “Amidst this chaotic landscape, we thought it would be perfect to tackle the metaverse as our research focus for Season 2 — cutting through the noise and hype to build out a clearer, more actionable roadmap for what truly innovative, digital-native music metaverse experiences could look like. Over the course of 12 weeks, we read foundational theoretical works on the metaverse as a whole, demoed both established and up-and-coming music metaverse platforms, and interviewed more than 25 artists, developers, and music-industry professionals to capture their grounded understanding of the concept.”

Three Ways the Music Industry Can Reduce NFT Speculation – “Now that the market is in turmoil, NFT market participants expect more than just a quick return. These use cases show what NFT looks like when utility is prioritized over speculation.”

Interview with Emil Angervall of Corite

Artist Spotlight featuring Q

Dreamloop #195

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Music by G3ARZ

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