The Music NFT Show: Pilot Episode

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The NFT Plazas team is thrilled to surprise our community with the launch of The Music NFT Show! This is our very first podcast show in collaboration with the incredible J.Thorn, a cutting-edge author, musician and podcaster, with a finger on the pulse of everything cool in music and NFTs.

Each Monday, a new episode will be released, and J.Thorn along with his talented daughter Q, will discuss a variety of music NFT news and topics. Q will host the weekly artist spotlight and show you what’s hip and trending in music NFTs.

So, grab your headphones and get ready for some epic NFT tunes and chats! Check out the summary notes below of this week’s Pilot episode, and have a listen!

Music NFT News

  • Brian Fanzo Bullish on Music NFTs – Fanzo told J. Thorn at CEX that he believes music drops are poised to have their moment in the spotlight. Fanzo owns a Crypto Bat (Ozzy Osbourne) along with several other music NFTs.
  • BlockchainBrett proposes that “Music NFTs will be 100x+ bigger market than Crypto Art. Music is the most widely created, distributed, consumed, and social type of content / art. It’s just taking a bit longer because we’re not used to valuing music like this yet.”
  • Andre Benz told Adam Levy on the Mint podcast that he’s bullish on music NFTs, and that he expects a collector’s market like we’ve seen for art NFTs.
  • Madonna Launches First NFTs With Beeple – and They’re NSFW – The NFTs depict a very naked 3D avatar of Madonna giving birth in different settings.
  • Best Music NFT source – This Week in Music NFTs by Coopahtroopa

Fighting FUD

  • Instagram supporting NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow.
  • The Coinbase NFT marketplace has moved out of beta.
  • Moonpay integrates with Metamask, use a credit card to top off your wallet.

NFT Music Chart

Data from this week’s Top of the Blocks:

  1. Snoop’s Stash Box, Snoop Dogg (weekly vol 3.66 ETH)
  2. CHILDHOOD #15 (weekly vol 3 ETH)
  3. Gunky’s Uprising (weekly vol 2.25 ETH)

Artist Spotlight featuring Q

WE ARE KLOUD #567 (SoundMint)

Thanks for listening and make sure you go to to get your free VIP backstage pass to our exclusive community!

Got news? Submit news stories or recommend artists for the Artist Spotlight by tweeting @JThorn_ or using the hashtag #musicnftshow.

See you all next week!


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