The Lokals Bring NFTs to Life Through the Power of Animation

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Beneath its Romanesque marbled façade, the historic Mediterranean region of Split is a city of many secrets. Within its walls, it harbours a great population of unique individuals built from sheer steely grit and hard resolve. None more demonstrated than in the uncertain era of the 1980s. A time when tensions were rising and those caught amongst it sought to establish their own personal identities.

So, in an audacious bid to capture this pivotal moment in Croatian history, the ‘Lokals’ aim to immortalize it on the blockchain. To cement the tribal qualities of its many inhabitants in a punk rock opera for the ages, they have taken a 5,000 strong non-fungible melting pot of wild ideas, fanciful dreams and placed them against the cold stark walls of reality, while remembering the energy and atmosphere in an NFT-driven animated film.

5,000 NFTs of Storied Elegance

Forget your comical apes and whimsical cartoon drawings, in the Lokals universe gritty realism wins the day. Arriving on the scene is a no-nonsense collection of 5,000 provably unique 3D avatars, directly from the mind of master artist, Bozo Balov, and brought to life by the big brains at PrimeRender Studios.

Each NFT comes in one of five different ideologies representing the faction to which they belong. As such, the trendsetting Townies, industrious Workers, laid-back Beach Boys, energetic Athletes, and insightful Artists all take their places within the Lokals society, while additional traits will add to the overall scarcity to each design.

The initial mint will take place in three stages at a flat rate of 0.1 ETH a piece, with whitelist members up first on June 3, closely followed by the reserve list on June 4, then ending with a free-for-all public mint on June 5. The project’s Discord channel will be handing out priority minting opportunities right up to the launch.

Immortalized in Animation

Not just 5,000 pretty faces however, the Lokals also have some of the best utility in town. Going forward, every single member of the collection will play a part in an exceptional animated film. A high-quality production overseen by a production house with over 70 awards already in the bag. Within which, items of the most exclusive rarities will take the larger roles.

Furthermore, those in possession of a Lokals NFT can take an active role in the development of the film. Therefore, taking part in discussion forums and decision-making workshops, while receiving producer credits on the final product, and that all-coveted IMDB recognition in the process.

What’s Next for the Lokals Collection

Following the initial launch, PrimeRender Studios aims to release a fine line of real-life wearable goods and 3D-printed memorabilia, before getting down to the hard work of animated video production. Then, once that dust has settled, they will begin to develop a bespoke Lokals VR metaverse. A grand land where the Lokals run riot, and anything can happen!

A Well Doxxed Team

Unlike many contemporaries, the Lokals believe in utter transparency, and have revealed their full identities from the offset. Therefore, the bulk of the team forms members of the celebrated PrimeRender Studio, while additional advisor support comes from several giants from the animation, VFX, NFT and virtual reality spaces.

Head to the Lokals website for full details >> Here

Keep up to date with developments on Discord >> Here


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