The Irish Shebeen: St Patrick’s Day to The Sandbox – NFT Plazas

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In the vast stream of consciousness, no destination, physical or virtual, is complete without the presence on an Irish Pub. Now, as the calendar once again flips over to March 17, revelers in The Sandbox can enjoy this year’s St Patrick’s day in The Irish Shebeen, the first Irish pub in the Metaverse. The groundbreaking, immersive experience will last for 12 days, inviting visitors to participate in quests, mint NFTs, appreciate local artists, and delve into a wealth of Irish culture and entertainment.

The brainchild of co-founders, Jillian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons, The Irish Shebeen represents a haven for all those lost an bewildered souls wandering the virtual plane. A warm and comforting destination, where everyone feels at home, and Irish charm resonates through every voxel. As a result, creating the perfect entry point for those making their first tentative steps into the spectacular folds of the Metaverse.

The Irish Shebeen’s establishment demonstrates the global allure of Irish-themed pubs and their signature welcoming ambiance. So, as a testament to its quality, The Sandbox has selected The Irish Shebeen as one of its featured experiences for March.  As a consequence, visitors can participate in quests for a chance to earn $SAND tokens, further enhancing the immersive and rewarding nature of this unique virtual pub adventure. 

Collaborating with the Best

The all new Irish-themed destination was developed by high-flying Brazilian gaming company, Hermit Crab Game Studio. With a strong track record in Metaverse gaming experiences, it has previously collaborated with high-profile brands such as Warner Music Group, The Walking Dead, and Jamiroquai. In addition to developing mobile games for elite football clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, and Manchester City. An impressive resume that effectively ensures a one-of-a-kind Metaverse experience at the Irish Shebeen.

Furthermore, in celebration of the launch, The Irish Shebeen has forged a partnership with Kinahan Whiskey, which will offer an exclusive Irish tipple to mark the occasion. A move that will further elevate the virtual pub experience, providing visitors with a unique memento to commemorate the groundbreaking event in the Metaverse.

The Irish Shebeen: A Sanctuary for the Metaverse Homeless

Jillian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons conceived this virtual sanctuary for users to connect and revel in Irish hospitality. Lisa Gibbons, a forager and Web3 journalist, was motivated to establish the Irish Shebeen after discussing the feeling of being “homeless” in the Metaverse. She envisions the virtual pub as a gateway to Irish culture and a platform for diverse creative talent, potentially expanding into other virtual environments.

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The Irish Shebeen designed its venue for interaction and engagement, blending gamification with a platform to showcase Irish artists, musicians, poets, dancers, and storytellers. Jillian Godsil, a Blockleaders co-founder and Web3 journalist, underscores the significance of crafting a welcoming Metaverse space where people feel at home.

“As a homelessness activist here in Ireland–and a woman whose home was repossessed by the banks–the idea of being homeless on the internet was a shocking one. We can’t give everyone a home but we can give them a place to go and feel welcome and at home.”

Join the craic at The Irish Shebeen >> Here

Need Help? Find out how to get started >> Here

So, pour yourself a pint of the black stuff, and get ready for some shenanigans in The Sandbox!

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