The Graffiti Queens Need Your Help for the Upcoming Metaverse Festival

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Calling all metaverse dwellers! The Graffiti Queens need your help! This April will see the second annual Graffiti Queens Festival, and the organizers are looking for venues and artists to make this the most spectacular event yet.

The Festival

The Graffiti Queens Festival is the biggest celebration of female art the world has ever seen. An incredible event hosted by the Graffiti Kings and curated by trash art legend, Crypto Yuna. Last year’s event was a groundbreaking occasion featuring over 270 female artists, spanning multiple metaverses. Now, it’s time to run the show again, and like all sequels, that means bigger, wilder and more ambitious than ever.

The event is a no rules, no fees, no age limit, unlimited, non-platform specific celebration of pure art created by female-orientated human beings. It will run from April 3 until April 10 in whichever metaverses are willing to provide space.

The Venues

Crypto Yuna has sent out a call to arms and is looking for venues throughout the metaverse to host this year’s festival. So, if you have a gallery, space, beautiful cathedral or spectacular arena to use, get in touch with Yuna and pledge your support. The previous event spanned Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, but who knows how far it will spread during its next evolution.

The GRAFFITI QUEENS all female NFT FESTIVAL is April 3-10
If you have gallery space to use during that week and would like to support this historic event please reach out to me asap thank you!!!!

— ✨YUNA~ (@cryptoyuna) January 4, 2022


Anyone invoking the female spirit is welcome to join in the fun. The Graffiti Queens accept people from all walks of life, representing all mediums and disciplines. As long as the artwork is represented by an NFT, it qualifies for the event. So, If you fit the bill and want to take part, sign up for the event at the Graffiti Kings website now.

Artists sign up >> Here


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