The Future of Virtual Employment within the Gaming Sector

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In a world guided by the latest juicy narrative, cold hard facts often lose out to the button clicking appeal of outrage. An all-too-common occurrence, as demonstrated when NFT consultant, Mikhai Kossar, spoke openly about the future of NFT gaming.

A Statement Taken out of Context

Speaking with ‘Rest of the World’ in a broader article about the rise and fall of the ‘Critterz’ empire, Kossar touched on the topic of earning while playing video games. Essentially, stating that guilds could empower gamers from developing nations to band together to combine their financial firepower. While, richer nations however, could also exploit cheap labour to enable a new kind of free-thinking NPC.

Following publication, a number of outlets latched onto his statement as a source for their outrage. As a result, unironically painting a picture of a dystopian nightmare, where life’s less fortunate remain doomed to a life of servitude and repetition, highlighting a dehumanizing and potentially unethical use of cheap labour for benefit of in game entertainment.

Chartered accountant and member of WolvesDAO Mikhai Kossar says poor people could be used as NPCs (non-playable characters) by wealthier people in the metaverse

— (@bitcoinist) September 8, 2022

A More Likely Scenario

This two-dimensional view however, doesn’t do the medium justice. In the world of gaming, the repetitive nature of NPCs is currently well catered for with basic AI. Therefore, to be worthwhile, games will need to get creative with their future employment opportunities.

Going forwards, the more likely scenario will see a number of alternative jobs arrive within the digital world. From, gamers for hire based on value-driven demand, to fully employed staff to offer assistance to beleaguered players, and NPCs that offer a more engaging and immersive environment. Meanwhile, within the metaverse, virtual jobs already offer the chance to engage in the daily toil as hosts in virtual venues.

So, the future of gaming will not only offer an additional revenue stream for folks worldwide. But also, an alternative to the traditional daily grind.


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