The First NFT Movie Festival Brings the Silver Screen to Decentraland

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Fans of the silver screen have cause to celebrate, ‘The 1st NFT Movie Festival’ is coming to Decentraland. As a result, movie buffs and NFT lovers can soak up a bit of high-brow themed entertainment, live in the virtual realm.

Over in the fine French city of Cannes, an exceptional one-day event will kick off on May 20, while simultaneously, premier virtual event organizer, RLTY, will set up shop in Decentraland, where the dutiful team will live stream the nonfungible conference straight into the metaverse.

RLTY’s next virtual event is heading to Cannes 🇫🇷 for the #CannesFilmFestival 📽️🎬 Come and join us at “The 1st NFT Movie Festival” in Decentraland🚀🚀

— RLTY (@RLTY_Live) May 17, 2022

RLTY’s three story pyramidal edifice will play host to the grand event, featuring a first-floor conference live stream, second floor art gallery and top floor movie projection house, providing enough on hand entertainment do keep any movie buff entertained for hours.

The main event will feature a grand array of speeches from trained celebrities and industry experts, as well as workshops, NFT auctions and an insight into the future of movie-related NFTs. Taking into consideration, blockchain in general, Web3 gaming, Defi, and of course, the metaverse.

Inside the Maya-style building, attendees can also claim an event POAP, purchase merchandise, and discover a range of tremendous activities. So, get ready for a fine evening of movie themed revelry, occurring from 5am UTC until 5pm UTC on May 20.

Head to the event >> Here


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