The Decentraland Film Club Returns with Epic Video Contest

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Calling budding directors, actors and editors, the grandest film club in the metaverse has returned for an extraordinary high-stakes motion picture contest. Decentraland will play host to a grand battle of talent, imagination and ingenuity.

Live right now until 00:00 UTC on February 4, all comers are challenged with creating the greatest Decentraland video of all time. So, jump into the cutting room, and put together a short clip showcasing the best the metaverse has to offer.

The rules are simple, the film must be family friendly, under 30 seconds long, and feature footage inside Decentraland. The rest is up to the imagination, create a stylish advert for a favourite venue, film noir it up in one of the seedier districts, or get weird David Lynch-style and create an arty piece that only clever people understand. Just remember to acquire permission to use any copyrighted images or audio.

Shoot a video of what you love about Decentraland for a chance to win LAND, MANA, and Wearables!

Post your video on twitter with the hashtag #DCLfilmclub

From 14TH JAN – 4th FEB

Lets see you get creative!

For more info check out the latest blog post.

— Decentraland (@decentraland) January 14, 2022

To participate, first lovingly create the greatest 30 second feature the world has ever seen, and then share it on Twitter with the hashtag #DCLfilmclub. The rest is up to the community, the harshest critics of a generation. 10 entrees will share the spoils, with first place receiving a plot of land plus 600 $MANA, while the remaining 9 runner ups will receive ever-decreasing increments of $MANA and wearable prizes.

Following the contest, Decentraland will showcase the best videos at its magnificent 2nd birthday bash on February 20. So, dust off the clapper board and megaphone, and get directing!


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