The DCL Travel Guide: The TRU Band Room

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Oh, hello there traveler! Thanks for stopping by our NFT Plazas travel guide booth. If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re looking for things to do in the metaverse. We kicked off this article series in late December of last year to help wandering metaverse travelers find the best spots in (virtual) town. More specifically, we’re here to tell you about the coolest places you can visit in Decentraland!

If you have a minute to hear me out, allow me to make a suggestion: visit the TRU Band Room!

For anyone who is a fan of music gigs (and, let’s face it, is there anyone who isn’t?), this virtual events venue is definitely one to put on your list of spots to visit on the regular. You can catch all kinds of music gigs here—singer-songwriters playing acoustic sets, DJs playing some club bangers, even live-streaming of big international events!

There are multiple events happening every week (you can find out what Decentraland events are coming up on the Decentraland events page) and the vibe is always in its prime inside of the TRU Band Room.

1643115311 screen shot 2022 01 21 at 10.00.09 pm.png scaled
The vibe is always in its prime at the TRU Band Room!

Even from afar, the neon pink and purple building immediately catches your attention. As you step inside, you see a classic ticket office to the left and a cozy art gallery on the right-hand side. If you follow the stairs near the ticket office, you’ll find yourself in the main band room.

The details and decorations of the room are just fantastic, and then, in the middle of the room, you’ll see the dazzling dance floor, which will send you on a dancing frenzy the moment you step foot in it. If you’re facing the giant screen where the event stream plays, to the left, you’ll have a very picturesque view of the Decentraland landscape, and to the right, you’ll see a few portraits of some awesome-looking unicorns—I mean, Uniquehorns.

1643115325 screen shot 2022 01 21 at 10.01.17 pm.png scaled
Come catch a gig at the TRU Band Room!

I should explain. The TRU Band Room is connected to The Rocking Uniquehorns, an NFT project which combines art, collaboration, and music; and the idea is that these musical loops can be played and combined together to create new musical pieces, essentially turning the project on OpenSea into a massive loop station!

The band room is like the hearth of the community; it’s a place to congregate, connect, catch some grooves, and bust out some moves! When they created it, cofounders Florian Müller and Domenic Benz envisioned it as a place for people to come together and enjoy a unique musical experience in the metaverse.

1643115337 screen shot 2022 01 21 at 10.00.50 pm.png scaled
Party People at the TRU Band Room!

The TRU Band Room is one of the first places I came across in Decentraland, so, yes, I may have a soft spot for it in my heart. I made several of my first metaverse friends there, and I even created a song dedicated to it and filmed a little virtual music video there. In case my words are not enough to convince you of how cool it is.

And whenever you’re ready to listen to some live tunes or do a little dancing, even while nestled in your own bed and in the comfort of your pajamas, just jump into the TRU Band Room whenever there’s a gig happening! Resident artist Ash Orphan plays every Thursday from 10 to 11 pm UTC.

You can jump into the TRU Band Room in Decentraland by clicking here.


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